Ebony and pear chest of drawers on stand

Materials: Macassar ebony and Swiss pear
Finish: Button shellac and wax
Dimensions:1110mm(h) x 470mm(w) x 270mm(d)


This piece was created as part of an exhibition in the National Craft Gallery entitled "Image of Longing".  The concept behind the exhibition was , in the words of the curators Karel Betman and Martha Haveman of Galerie Beeld and Ambeeld in Holland, " for the artist to create a gift for his or her chosen person, while we, the organisers were to arrange that contact was made with the laureate and that the gift reached its destination."

My chosen laureate was Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, the Abbot of Samye Ling Buddhist monastery in Scotland.  From the exhibition catalogue: "The piece I am offering is made from solid Macassar ebony and pear wood. Using these precious woods is a symbol of how much I value the help he has given me over the years, and although he doesn't really have a need for anything, I hope it gives him some pleasure to accept this piece"