three oaks cabinet

Materials: Scottish root oak , Irish oak and English brown oak
Finish: Oil and wax outside, shellac polish inside
Dimensions: 1430mm(h) x 730mm(w) x 350mm(d)


The doors on this cabinet were made from an extraordinary piece of oak that I bought from a wood turner in Scotland. It came from the very base of an ancient storm felled oak , and has a completely circular grain pattern. The figure swirls out like ripples in water. Unusually for oak it has an incredibly dense structure and could be hand planed to a glass like finish with ease. A once in a lifetime discovery! The rest of the piece is Irish oak, and the stand is English brown oak. Brown Oak is not a distinct species of oak, but rather refers to oak that has been affected by afungus, which has the effect of turning the wood a deep golden brown colour without damaging it. The doors open by means of a tiny lever at the base of the cabinet, to avoid detracting from the beauty of the doors.